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Um, yo. Website.

I'm (not actually named) froodley, and this is my personal site. You gotta say it Southern, like "frood-ley". I maintain copy left out over-night with gross roaches. You might see me and the kids on xBox Live.

Uh, about me, TMI TMI... My real life first name is Pete. I'm a dad of three and a husband to my hot wife, and for work I'm an apprentice carpenter. We all live in coastal Texas, but I'm a travelling transplant from Missouri. I have 'weird health problems.' I've been all over the country, and around the world some. Um, I like video games, going to shows, stuff like that. I'm a surf Christian, which is super. Are you done now? Mr. Nosey?! Naw, just kidding    :P

Also I enjoy to draw.

Um, uh, here's a few videos I like from the YouTubes...

Flaming Lips, "The Tale of the Ol' Toad"

Harry Nilson, "Coconut"

Soy un contentador

You gotta BELIEVE!

Paul Simon, "Peace, Like a River"

Talking Heads, "Once, in a Lifetime"

One of my clowning-around role models, Chumlee

Mahna Mahna!

Marcy Playground, Pigeon Farm


Another favorite of mine:

Troubles (Trash Heap Blues) from Fraggle Rock

uhhhh... ...

I'm really in to old Super Nintendo games, Mario Kart Wii, and this one game n: the ninja... Love playing Super Mario for the thousandth time, Super Punch-Out, ChronoTrigger, Zelda, Tetris, Contra III...

Here's some more web sites I work on or want to, yay...

Here's my little YouTube...

did ya ever wonder "how strange it is to be anything at all?"

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