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Um, yo.

I'm froodley, and this is my personal site. You gotta say it Southern, like "frood-ley". I maintain copy left out over-night with gross roaches.

Also I enjoy to draw a little. I'm a musician and a dance monkey. I'm an assistant carpenter and a father.

Um, uh, here's a few videos I like from the YouTubes...

Etta James, "At Last"

Flaming Lips, "Tale of Horny Frog"

Harry Nilson, "Coconut"

Beck, "Loser"

Soy un contentador! I'm a loser baby, so why don't ya kill me?

You gotta BELIEVE!

Paul Simon, "Peace, Like a River"

The Talking Heads, "Once in a Lifetime"

One of my clowning-around role models, Chumlee

Mahna Mahna!

Marcy Playground, Pigeon Farm

Dave Mason, We Just Disagree

Fraggle Rock, Trash Heap


Here's some more web sites we work on

Here's my little YouTube...

did ya ever wonder "how strange it is to be anything at all?"

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